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Dr Bill Schumacher from Schumacher Chiropractic Clinics in Hopkins Minnesota Hello and welcome to Dr. Bill’s Chiropractic Blog. I’m Dr Bill Schumacher. Thanks for visiting. Read articles about healthy living choices and the many benefits of chiropractic care. Get tips and insights on spinal care, injury prevention, nutrition and much more.

For example, do you know what causes headaches, neck and arm pain? Do you know how many movable vertebrae you have? Do you know the most common misconceptions people have about over-the-counter pain killers? I offer a wealth of information, some of which may surprise you, and who knows…maybe even help you live healthier and happier.

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Vitamin D guidelines may be changed following new study

I found this article published earlier this year by Tim Newman discussing the research related to vitamin D2 and D3 thought it might be interesting to share with all of you. Vitamin D is a great supplement to help bolster your immune system, but apparently D3 works much better than D2. Enjoy.   Published Thursday

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New clinical guideline issued for treating low back pain

I found this article about the new clinical guidelines for treating low back pain. It was great to see that the American College of Physicians recommends Chiropractic care before medications. That has been a long time coming.  Enjoy. New clinical guideline issued for treating low back pain Published Tuesday 14 February 2017 Published Tue 14

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Vitamin D deficiency is reaching “epidemic” proportions.

I found this article today about vitamin D deficiency  written by Dr Tripkovic and felt it was interesting enough to pass along. There’s quite a difference between vitamin D2 and D3 and may change the way we look at supplementing  our diets’ A new study finds that, contrary to popular belief, vitamin D-2 and D-3 do not

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  CERVICAL PILLOWS Cervical support pillows can make a world of difference in the way you feel all day. Proper fitting cervical pillows can help  relieve  neck and upper back pain.  Your neck should have a forward curve. Car accidents and other traumatic injuries, as well as chronic poor posture while at work or while

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